Our Story

The global pandemic that is currently raging across the world has left us all reassessing our priorities and our way of life. In March 2020, our founder Caroline Bayle found herself in lockdown in her home in Paris. Conscious of the need to protect others but concerned by the environmental impact of disposable masks, she used the downtime to design a fashion accessory that could also serve as a face covering. She wanted a product that would not only be useful but also beautiful to see and pleasurable to wear. Ever resourceful, she recruited the assistance of her mother, a retired seamstress. Together, they set about developing the first prototype. And with that was born the "Baylandi".

Our Product

Each face is unique. The Baylandi in its face covering use is therefore the result of multiple weeks of testing, measuring and adjusting to achieve a precise fit that takes into account the unique facial structure of men and women of various ethnicities. The resulting design is the distillation of that painstaking process and is exclusive to us. Conceived with maximum versatility in mind, a Baylandi is a fashion accessory designed to be easily transformed into a face covering, a neck scarf, a head scarf or a belt.

The Baylandi is crafted with the utmost care by a small team of "petites mains", an elite group of highly trained seamstresses, pattern cutters and other textile specialists recruited from the world of haute couture. It takes no less than fifteen separate steps and precisely coordinated teamwork to achieve one finished product. So precise is the technique to craft a Baylandi that our team of craftsmen each receive several hours of training and every step is subjected to rigorous quality control.

Our Values

The House of Baylandi was founded at a time of crisis when our future was far from certain. And, while our future may remain uncertain even today, our values remain perfectly clear.

  • We have consciously chosen to produce our product locally in Paris to reduce our carbon footprint and to support traditional French know how.
  • We partner with a handful of small ateliers across Paris where we know the workers are treated respectfully and are paid sufficiently to live a dignified life.
  • We use only the finest fabrics produced in accordance with strict environmental regulations.
  • We craft our products in such a way that unnecessary waste is reduced to a minimum.
  • All our fabrics are traceable and recyclable.
  • We stand by every stitch, drape and fold of our product.

Our Community

Every member of the House of Baylandi, including its many partners, is committed to our values of excellence, rigor and integrity. This journey would not be possible without their passion, dedication and generosity. We draw strength from each other. We are deeply grateful for their involvement and for the opportunity to share this experience with them and with you.