BAYLANDI was founded in March 2020 by Caroline Bayle. Her sheer creativity and colorful personality gave birth to a “Maison” like no other. La Maison BAYLANDI reconciles luxury with functionality and sets a new standard for environmentally conscious brands. Caroline used her downtime during recent lockdowns to design a fashion accessory that could also serve as a face covering. She wanted a product that would not only be useful but also beautiful to see and pleasurable to wear. Ever resourceful, she developed the first prototype and with that was born the very first "BAYLANDI" accessory.

Starting October 2021, The BAYLANDI Group is growing exponentially with new innovations and expert subsidiaries: BAYLANDI Scarf, BAYLANDI Events, BAYLANDI Polo, B By BAYLANDI, BAYLANDI Media… La Maison BAYLANDI is expanding its network of notorious partners and prestigious allies to share its glamorous vision with the world.